Web Presence Quick Start

Overview of Service

For companies of all sizes, sometimes all that is required in the short term is a small website–a “web presence”.  Of course, this web presence must be a flexible platform for adding & editing content.  From experience, I’ve found that WordPress is a great foundation for such sites.

Here you can view the services performed by me to get your web presence up ASAP, for as little upfront & on-going cost as possible.


Service cost (without fees from third parties, such as theme & domain registrar): just one payment of $99! I am absolutely confident you will not find a better deal anywhere else!

Pay only after you are satisfied with the result.

Services Performed

A brief rundown on services that you will receive for a quick turnkey website.  Fine details (such as the specific hosting providers) will be given before work begins.

  • 2 hours phone support (includes pre-sales phone discussions) & 1 month email support
  • Install latest version of WordPress CMS & install your theme
  • Set up web hosting for your domain (at no initial/annual cost!)
  • Set up email hosting/forwarding for your domain (at no initial/annual cost!)
  • Setup starter pages & menu-items with default filler text
  • Install additional WordPress plugins (handpicked by me) for a faster, easier, better website administration
  • Platform & tools designed for excellent SEO
  • Worry-free, automatic backup solution–requiring zero manual interaction

Services not included in this package

Some things which we may address later after this setup is complete:

  • Adding widgets
  • Extensive custom modification of theme style & functionality
  • Page, product, category, post creation (beyond the first few pages)
  • Copywriting/editing
  • 301 redirects, domain redirections
  • Comprehensive Technical support

Pre-start checklist

The following must be provided before work begins:

  1. Site logo image (can be replaced later)
  2. The exact domain name (tools for finding domain names like example1.com include bustaname.com) Pre-purchase not necessary, this is something I will do for you.
  3. Site theme (from a theme provider, such as themeforest.netmojo-themes.com, etc) Must be “Responsive”, as it allows easier viewing on mobile and tablet devices.

Revised: 2014-06-15