Big Commerce Quick Start

Overview of Service

Here you can view the services performed by me to get your BigCommerce store up ASAP, for as little upfront & on-going cost as possible.


Service cost (without fees from third parties, such as theme & domain registrar): just one payment of $99! I am absolutely confident you will not find a better deal anywhere else!

Pay only after you are satisfied with the result.

Services Performed

brief rundown on services that you will receive.  Fine details will be given before work begins.  Many services performed will require email authorization to verify signup–you will need to forward these confirmations to me as work progresses.

  • 2 hours phone support (includes pre-sales phone discussions) & 1 month email support
  • Set up email hosting/forwarding for your domain (at no initial/annual cost!)
  • Setup 4 starter pages & menu-items with default filler text (or your copy if you provide it)
  • Create single product, with your copy and images.  Otherwise, you will have sample products to review
  • Free Live chat add-on
  • Free Customer product reviews add-on
  • Free Newsletter subscription add-on
  • Menu links to your eBay & Amazon stores
  • On all product pages: Facebook Like, Facebook share, Twitter share, Google+ share

Services not included in this package

Some things which we may address later after this setup is complete:

  • BigCommerce account creation.  As this requires credit card authorization, you will need to perform this task before my work begins
  • Extensive custom modification of theme style & functionality
  • Page, product, category, post creation (beyond the first few pages)
  • Copywriting/editing
  • Comprehensive Technical support


Consulting & setup fees payable via credit card, PayPal, cash, bitcoin, or personal check.  You will receive an email invoice when you are satisfied with work performed.   Beyond initial setup, hourly rate of $50 will be in effect after your explicit agreement to hourly service.

Pre-start checklist

The following must be provided before work begins:

  1. Site logo image (can be replaced later)
  2. The exact domain name (tools for finding domain names like include Pre-purchase not necessary, this is something I will do for you
  3. Big Commerce account has been created, and you are able to send me your username & password
  4. Contents (for instance in a .doc file, although any format is acceptable) of starter web pages & sample product that are needed to go live (see above for maximum pages)

Other possible requirements include: email verification forwarding, DNS/domain access, Google business account credentials.

Modified: 2013-12-02